Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chinese Characters Decomposition Experience

Dear Friends,

Chinese character decomposition is a perfect tool both for teaching and learning the Chinese language.
It has been proven in the classroom with different types of the Chinese language learners for many years.
Do not hesitate to apply this brilliant teaching and learning method in your language practice!
Let the world know about your decomposition experience on different Chinese characters decomposition blogs.
Some of them are:

1. Chinese Characters Decomposed
Chinese Language Community - Google+

2. Students Learn Chinese Characters Decomposition
Chinese Language Community - Google+

3. The Chinese Language on

4. Chinese Characters Decomposition

5. Chinese Characters Decomposition

6. Chinese Characters Decomposition
Chinese Language Study Group

The humanity will be proud of your personal success!

More about Chinese characters decomposition please check: The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance
by Polina Shinkina

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