Friday, April 14, 2017

汉子的‘骤’分解。Analyzing Chinese Character 骤 zhòu ‘gallop, sudden’ (17 strokes)

Chinese Character      zhòu  gallop, suddenconsists of the radical     mǎ   ‘horseand character    jù  ‘get together’. 

Chinese character      jù   ‘get togetherconsists of the radical      ěr   ear’, radical   yòuagainand character    yín  stand in the crowd’.

So, the main components of the Chinese Character      zhòu   ‘gallop, suddenare:

1. Radical      mǎ   ‘horse,
2. Character      jù   ‘get together’. 

Components of the Chinese character    jù   ‘get together’ are the following:

1. Radical      ěr   ‘ear’,
2. Radical      yòu   ‘again’ ,
3. Character      yín ‘stand in the crowd’.

The detailed decomposition of the Chinese Character      zhòu   ‘gallop, sudden’ and all its components looks like the following:

  mǎ  ‘horse’,
  jù  get together,
 qǔ  take,
 ěr  ear,
 yī  one,
 gǔn  line,
 gǔn  line,
 sān  three,
 yī  one,
 èr  two,
 yòu  again,
 yín  stand in the crowd,
丿  piě  slash,
 gǔn  line,

马取耳一丨丨三一二 又乑丿丨

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