Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Feedback from the Chinese Language Teachers

In responce to my articles about the Chinese character decomposition I am receiving a feedback from the Chinese language teachers.

The requests can be structurized as the following:

1. There is “something in the Chinese character decomposition”.
2. No time and resources to decompose the Chinese characters.
3. No textbooks with the decomposed Chinese characters.

My answers to the esteemed colleagues are:

1. The Chinese Character decomposition is the new word in the Chinese language teaching. No doubt in it.

2. Decomposition is a highly time consuming process. It took me about ten years to work out and test this principle in the classroom with my students.

3. The textbooks with the Chinese character decomposition are available on Polina Shinkina’s Author Spotlight page  

All the Chinese characters are decomposed in them. No need for you to re-decompose. Just take the textbook you like and teach successfully!

Good luck dear colleagues in your noble endeavours!

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